Keyframing Props and Sockets in Custom Nodes and Node Tree not working

Hello everyone! I have built a custom node tree with custom nodes and sockets for procedural terrain creation but when I go to animate a property it’ll keyframe but it won’t animate. The property will turn yellow then green when not on the same frame as the keyframe but when I change the value and insert a keyframe once more it does not tween between the values when scrubbing the timeline. Also, the value is no longer yellow but orange. It also does not show an icon or give any indication I’ve set a keyframe in the timeline, dope sheet, or graph editors. I can see the “action” in the node tree’s animation_data and in (of course) but it does not show up in any editor. The same thing with drivers. I assume they are connected. I assume I may have to add animation data to some place on the node tree’s update or something but not really sure how. Any ideas @jacqueslucke, @dfelinto, @HooglyBoogly? (Sorry if tagging like that is rude!)

It also doesn’t work if I add one of Blender’s standard socket types in there. Reacts the same way making me think it’s a node tree setting or something

It is not that tagging is rude or not. But the core team cannot afford the time to handle user support like this. If you believe you ran into a bug please report it in

If you need community support this forum is a good place (and so is blender stackexchange or blenderartists). But you need to understand that it is up to the community to make this flourish.

For sure! Thanks for your reply :grin:

Okay so I didn’t even think that it was a bug just that it was something I was doing wrong lol but it looks like it was already reported and that for now animation of properties on custom nodes/node trees just isn’t implemented into blender. Here is the TO DO page (it was changed from a bug to a “to do” once it was realized that it wasn’t something that was working incorrectly but something that was never implemented). Hopefully this will help anyone else googling this problem!