Keep orthographic projection of the 3D view after left/right/top/bottom/front/back view

If I work in Orthoghraphic projection, every time I go into left/right/top/bottom/front/back view, and then rotate the view to get out of that specific view, it automatically switches to perspective projection and I have to switch back to orthographic projection. Kind of repetitive…

Let’s make Blender remember which projection we’ve been working with after switching out of these 6 views.


You can just disable Auto Perspective in Preferences.

But then the problem is that the left/right/top/bottom/front/back views come in perspective if I was in perspective. And I consistently want them te be orthographic, no matter what projection I come from.

So, with Auto Perspective disabled, maybe we could have another checkbox to keep the 6 views always orthographic?

Disabled, or enabled, I can’t make it behave exactly like I would like.