Just saying hello

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the community. I’ve lurked for a few days to get the feel of what is going on. I’ve been using Blender since 2.79 and am no expert at how to use everything. I have noticed that you guys/gals are a friendly bunch, and very helpful. I’m trying to get into Blender Python to make my own add-on to help with my workflow and a couple of projects I’m working on.


:wave: hello!

I recommend you the Blender For Artists series from @sybren, I’m not sure if it’s entirely freely accesible or if some part is just under a blender cloud subscription, but part of it is on youtube :slight_smile:

Hi @tmoneygames2019, welcome to the devtalk forum :slight_smile:
The first lessons of Scripting for Artists require a Blender Cloud subscription. The later lessons are available for free, on Blender Cloud as on YouTube.