Item panel only affects active object in multi object editing


  1. Create two objects.
  2. Edit both of them at the same time
  3. Select an edge from each object
  4. Change the bevel weight from the item panel.

Only the active object’s weight will have changed.


The panel should affect all objects being currently edited.


@eobet I think it’s like a bug. In edit mode of multiple object it should act like a one object i think. Currently it’s behave like a two different object in edit of both object.
You can how ever apply setting on both object from property panel by clicking alt + mouse drag / Alt + click and typing some value. But it not supports many properties. only limited properties are currently supported like loc, rot or scale.

There was talk about making this behavior reversed for multiobject editing where the default click or drag behavior effects all selected objects and using the alt key effects only the active object. But I guess that was put off to a later date.

This was a big headache for me moving from 3ds Max to blender. I ended up having to write a lot of scripts to be able to get meshes for hundreds of objects ready for export into UE4 in a timely manner. I literally had to decide if it was more economical to use free software that I had to individually apply modifiers to or pay for a license (rental) for 3ds Max. I would love for this to be fixed uniformly; ie add modifiers and apply operators to multiple objects at once, assign materials to many objects, transform multiple objects using location rotation and scale sliders.


Selecting 100s of objects, and then making sure the active one is the one you want to copy modifiers from, you can choose “link - modifiers” to again, copy the modifiers to all the selected objects from the active one.

It’s super obtuse and it kills me that the wording actually straight up lies to you. Hopefully, that particular issue will be solved by “everything nodes” in the future.

I agree. If there is multiple selected, any property, edit, movement or adjustment should apply to all selected. If we want to apply to one, then that one would be selected exclusively.

Right now Blender has a system where changes only apply to “Active over Selected” per it’s UX philosophy and to over-ride this you have to hold down ALT while you do changes. This is not consistent in the whole UI, but should be - as it won’t work with absolutely everything.