Issue with creating account for - fixed

Is there a reason why I cannot create an account with the same email address for the developer site, as I use for my account here? If these things are separate, there’s a lso no reason to check for user names.
We have the Blender ID login, but the moment I want to post a bug or alike, I cannot do it, as the Blender ID is not valid for the developer site. Kind of misses the point on the ability for reporting bugs… :wink:

You can definately use one email for every blender service, I do so too! :slight_smile:
I log in with my Blender ID, the same one I use here or on, i.e.
Can you check if prompts any useful information ?
(For me is not on the list.)


Checked it, and developer isn’t on my list either.
Still am unable to create a new account with the same email address. :frowning:

What error do you get ?

But the BlenderID Login is.

So this isnt necessary anyways.

No it’s not. Open in private mode:

Yes, and there I cannot use the same ID email for an account. It’s like looping back and forth.
Just why not??

What is stopping you from doing that ? I created phab account using the same email as my blender id.
Can you post a screenshot, error message, email not reaching etc ?

I’m still getting the error:

Another user already has that email.

nevermind, giving up on this for now…

Then try the forgot password option.

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Are you sure you didnt registered before? You might just have forgotten that you did:

I’ll be damned… :crazy_face:
I have no recollection (or any email evidence) I created an account back in Januari. Or the mental capacity to check this myself… Sigh… Blaming Corona induced brainfog…

So… Nothing to see here… Move along… :blush:

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Happens to the best :wink:

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