Issue - Filtering interface elements via Tool > Workspace > Filter Add-ons

In 2.81.16, when you filter Animation Nodes its Add menu in the AN Editor gets depopulated (but not disabled) and the Subprogram menu gets hidden. I put in a defect on AN but the developer feels that they have implemented the feature properly but the outcome is incorrect.

My assumption when Filtering something in the workspace is that the AN tab would be removed, but that the AN workspace would continue functioning because just depopulating the Add menu serves no purpose in simplifying Blender’s experience but does make AN unusable.

As a note, when Sorcar is filtered all the menus in its editor remain active. Not sure if they didn’t implement filtering or implemented it incorrectly.

What is intended to be hidden if an add-on is filtered?

If an add-on has an Editor can filtering be made to not affect an Add-ons editor?