Issue baking normal map with High and Low poly. Please help


I am trying to bake normal map from highpoly.

But what ever I do the normal map image is coming with green patches.

These are the steps followed.

  1. Import mesh from FBX.

  2. Decimate the mesh, Smooth the vertices.

  3. Delete existing UVMap if any and create a new UVMap.

  4. Smart project UV.

  5. Rename the mesh as LowPoly.

  6. Add a material and add a Image texture node and add image there for normal map.

  7. Import the same mesh from same FBX file.

  8. Rename this new mesh to HighPoly.

  9. position the both meshes at same place.

  10. Bake normal map (as shown in the picture. Selected HighPoly first and LowPoly next, Select to active, Ray distance bla…bla…bla…). I tried with many values for Ray Distance but no use.

Here is the .blend file.

Please help me how to do it. Am I doing anything wrong in making the low poly mesh?
Do I need to do anything with Swizzle R?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Use a cage.

Easy way: take the low poly and inflate it until encompases both low and high poly.

This could be your first cage. Try it and if you’re still getting green patches, take a look at your normals, and review your low poly geometry (cage and low poly should have exact vertex count I think)

Edit: ups, sorry for bump it up, but who knows… for the sake of completness :slight_smile:

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