Isn't there any uiBlock data in the blend file?

I’m learning about blend files using my own parser.
The target files are as follows

First, I found the “GLOB” identifier and traced the member variables from there.
(A[B]: Let A be the structure name and B be the member variable name.)
ListBase[first] ← Corresponding memory address not found.
This address was 00007FA83EFB1218.
am I doing something wrong?
If I’m correct, where is the uiBlock defined?

There is no uiBlock in .blend files, these only exist at runtime. Blender will set these pointers to null on .blend file load.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I’m relieved that I’m not wrong. (for now)
Then, where should I look in C/C++ source code?
Or Is this loading another file?

The code that clears the list on file-load is in direct_link_region in BLI_listbase_clear(&region->uiblocks);.