Is this error benign? Where does it come from?

I’m playing around with the render of one of the benchmark scenes and I’m seeing an error:

Error: Not freed memory blocks: 4, total unfreed memory 0.000854 MB.  

Any ideas where this is coming from? It looks like a leak.

Hard to say where it is coming from without looking deeper into it, that being said while leaking is never a good thing and it should definitely be looked at, leaking 854 bytes over the course of a complete benchmark run won’t place it anywhere near the top priorities at this point in time.

I should clarify, I was rendering one of the scenes from the benchmark, like this:

blender.exe --background --factory-startup -noaudio --enable-autoexec --engine "CYCLES" barbershop_interior_cpu.blend --render-format "PNG" --render-frame "1" 

So the leak is from the render operation of one scene, not the entire run.

that’s what i understood, when i said complete run, i meant from startup to exit of the blender process.

Also when the process exists this ‘leaked’ ram is returned to the OS, doesn’t stay permanently lost, it’s some sloppy cleanup code somewhere that should be looked at but it’ll be real low prio right now.

It is still a good first task if someone wants to dive in Blender’s development.

If developer wants to look at it I recommend running with --debug to see what is leaking, and to get more information about the leak itself: