Is there an official Blender versioning scheme?

Is there an article or document covering how the release version numbers and development cycle works for the recent Blender releases? As in what the process is behind deciding when API breaks can occur and the size and scope of features that are added or removed from each Blender release. As far as I can tell Blender’s version numbers appears to be a “Major.Minor.Patch” setup vaguely similar to a scheme like semantic versioning, but without the clear distinction between Major and Minor releases. Instead there seems to be more of a rough guideline of “try to avoid major and/or API breaking changes outside 9 to 0 releases” like is with the ongoing 2.79 to 2.80 changeover.

I recall there used to be a weekly development cycle and later a proposed stable/unstable development cycle, but both of these appear to have been abandoned.

There is no official versioning scheme, it’s pretty much as you said. Semantic versioning works well for libraries, but for big user facing applications it’s not that common.

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