Is there an 2.8 API to get Material users(Objects) on material update for viewport render?

Up to the 2.8 version 2019-03-26 18:57 on the update on any material the RenderEngine’s view_update depsgraph.updates contained the Material update as well as update for each Object that used said material.
Since the update to 2019-04-14 19:18 there is only Material update.

Is that the new correct behavior?
If the answer is “yes” - is there any way to get all the object that used updated material other than “iterate over depsgraph.objects and check material in each material_slots”?

I’m up to date on Blender master and I’m seeing the object blocks appear when the material is updating. At least as of yesterday

updates is a list of datablocks that have themselves changed, it does not include all users.

There is no dependency graph API to find the users currently, like in 2.7 that is up to the add-on.

@brecht as stated elsewhere the ‘updates’ list is incomplete and doesn’t display several types of datablocks when they change, such as custom node trees (derived from bpy.types.NodeTree) and images.

You can report a bug about those cases.