Is sharing a Discord invite on this forum allowed


Would it be acceptable to share an invite to the official UPBGE Discord in a separate self-created thread on this forum.

I understand that there are some out there who state that due to UPBGE being ‘no longer’ embedded with Blender source it is no longer allowed on Blender community platforms.

I would like to make sure no guidelines or rules will be broken if I do share a UPBGE related community link.

Thanks in advance.

Devtalk is meant for official blender development and like you said, the game engine is no longer part of that.

I would suggest to try posting it instead on the (blenderartists “dot” org) forum, I think that’s a much more appropriate place for it (more ppl are discussing upbge stuff and sharing discord invites there).

@Voidium I agree.

I wanted to double-check though as I’ve seen invites to Blender-related Discord servers that most have ‘BGE’ or ‘UPBGE’ related server channels.

And as you pointed out BlenderArtists accepts that sort of promotion; which, I already have shared there and wanted to do likewise here.

Yes, it should be allowed but not for promotional purposes.