Is keymap priority documented anywhere?

For example- I know that a keymap item bound to the keymap “Mesh” will take priority over a keymap item with the same event in “Object” while the user is in edit mesh mode. However, what about a hotkey in “Object”, what other keymaps will take priority over Object? Armature? Metaball?

It’s difficult to understand the relationship between these keymaps because they don’t appear to be documented and it’s not always obvious since I’m not super familiar with some of these other aspects of blender (such as the VSE, and things of that nature)

Put another way- how does Blender decide which keymap item to use when an event is triggered and said event has keymap items in many different keymaps?

I think that mode (for example edit mode) has always priority over the base, out of mode state. What’s worse is that when there are two key assigned to the same mode, their priority is determined by their vertical order, but Blender’s keymap editor does not support any way or vertically rearranging the operators. I’ve reported it as a bug long time ago, and since, it’s been cleaned up into obsolete TODO list to be forgotten, so I would not expect a fix.

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