Is it possible to modify the File Output node's file naming format


We are using the File Output node from the Compositor to output bunch of PNG files in one of our tools. However we are hitting an issue here with the file output names, Blender automatically adds the current frame number to the output file. Is there a way to disable that behavior so that we do not need to go through the file system calls to modify them after the renders are done?

Here is what the output node document says

Base Path
Unlike the render output filepath, this node uses a base directory and an image name, by default the output path is composed of: {base path}/{file name}{frame number}.{extension}.
Besides being split into two settings, in all other respects, this setting is treated the same as the render output path.

It makes it like there is a way to modify it but we have not found that using Python, and it does not respect the render.use_file_extension setting as far as we can tell.


Blender automatically adds the current frame number to the output file. Is there a way to disable that behavior…?

It is not clear what end result you are trying for. On the Blender side, how would you generate unique file names?

Well, we can set the uniq file names for the outputs in our tool, naturally that is not the issue. We are not rendering sequences, rather individual renders with names calculated by various parameters but Blender is appending frame numbers which messes up the output name format.

Does any of the answers here help ?

if you can get it like filename_parm1_parm2.png001 then cleaning up everything after .png is easy.

Thanks but none of those options help whether when rendering an Image or a Sequence, the File Output node still adds the frame number.

We already use post processing to rename the files properly, it will be cleaner if we could get this going as needed within Blender.

did you find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue.

I second this, it is very cumbersome not being able to just name renders the way you want. In the documentation it says “When rendering an animation, the frame number is appended”, so this might be an unintended behaviour because it does this also when rendering a single image?