Is it possible to implement context menus like 3ds max?

Is it possible to implement context menus like the one we have in 3ds max (below)? So that, when we right-click in the viewport we get menus that spread to the left and right of the cursor?



When you’re in multi-component selection mode the context menus do stack up next to each other. I tried to look through the py files that come with Blender to see where this behavior is defined but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

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Oh great! I never knew this behaviour was in Blender.

But is there any way to have the menus actually seperate without having one giant menu?

This seems similar to pie menus… you can make them spread out like this

I can really recommend the Pie Menu Editor Blender add-on for very versatile custom menu creation. Couldn’t live without it anymore.

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What’s this addon that has very complete pie menus that kinda resemble the quad menu from 3dsmax ? I can’t remember. I think it’s one of those hard surface modeling helpers… It’s a good example… and @salaivv can check whether or not it would fit their needs

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Thank you @MetinSeven. Will check it out.

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Are you talking about HardOps?

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