Is it possible to compile Blender for Linux arm64

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS arm64 on a Khadas board. It would be nice to compile Blender. Anyone here managed to do it?

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It’s not a configuration we ship, so building blender and all its dependencies will be a bit of struggle. Possible but it’s not gonna be easy.

Looks like they have 2.82a in their repository for arm64 though according to

so i’d probably settle for that.


Actually, my question was a bit stupid.

sudo apt install blender

worked just fine… Strange as it failed before. And it’s version 3.0.1
Thanks anyway

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Is it supposed to be built without intel embree and openimagedenoise?

If you are referring to the 2.82 Ubuntu package, then yes. At the time of that release Embree and OpenImageDenoise did not support Arm yet. They do now though.

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I installed blender 3.6.2 arm64 in Ubuntu Mantic, and it seems embree supports arm processor now. Also is this normal? I uses xfce desktop environment

The date/hash/branch was disabled for that build. I don’t know why, maybe reproducible builds, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

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I’m also leaning towards reproducible builds, they build from the release tar ball though so branch/hash information would have been unavailable regardless since we use git to get that information.

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@brecht @LazyDodo sorry to “hijack” a thread, but Windows daily builds have not been updated for about a week. There may be is a problem because out of 20 recent builds - 14 failed.

We are aware, will take a few days to rectify the problems

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I wonder if there’s a 2.49b out there somewhere for arm64 linux. (Or any chance of it happening) That would rule

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