Is Blender 2.8 Manual outdated?

Is it just me, or does the information presented in the manual not match up with how Blender actually works?

For example, on my computer (Linux OS) the Short-cut to access the “Quick Favourites” panel is Q. But in the Manual it says its the W key, which is actually for cycling through the lasso, box, circle, selection modes for the cursor. I know the devs are probably swamped with other work, but I don’t think the manual should be called the 2.81 version without it being updated first.

This is a WIP list of all the Blender shortcuts which totals at around 86. Made very difficult by how the Manual appears to be unreliable.

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I’m not sure, haven’t checked too much of the 2.8X manual, but I think the Blender Manual shows the default Blender keymap shortcuts with right click select.

With left click select, the specials menu, not the quick favorites menu, is set to RMB, instead of W when you have right click select.

So the shortcuts depends on what type of click select and keymap the user has, which seems to not be taken into consideration in the manual.

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does the information presented in the manual not match up

are you familiar with svn? If so, you can make sure you are using the latest version. Since Blender changes pretty fast (specially in this 2.8 transition), so times it’s hard to keep the docs in sync. If you are sure those are updates, maybe you can contribute a patch?

Last time I wanted to contribute some documentation changes, the whole process of cloning the whole repo, turned me off(e.g. I didn’t have the time). I remember some discussions with Campbell years ago about something like an ‘edit on github’ banner where when you click you get a web UI ready to make the changes. It basically automates many parts and it feels like editing a wiki, so it’s more friendly to non-developers or drive-by contributors[1]. However, not sure who friendly is that with the phabricator (

[1] you still need a github account in that example. I think gitlab allows signing in with google, for example, so it’s even more viable for non devs.