Is API documentation for CollectionProperty missing?

Disclaimer: I’ve only been using Python for about a month, so I’m not sure if I’m overseeing something or if this could be a valid documentation bug report that could help others.
The Property Definitions docs show an example for working with CollectionProperties:
It shows how to use .add and how the object can be iterated through. But these methods are not mentioned/expanded upon in the type documentation:

I’ve looked through its declaration in bpy_props.c to see how these methods were exposed but couldn’t see it.
From looking at other scripts that use CollectionProperties, it looks like they just straight up implement the same functionality as Python lists? I see it also supports .append etc.

Shouldn’t this show up in the documentation of the type? Is a documentation bug, or am I overlooking something?
I couldn’t figure out how I could patch/improve this by myself, so I wanted to raise this question out there for feedback before digging into the sourcecode more.

I think this might be a bug, can you report the issue on

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