Introduction and Questions - How to come from Bforartists fork to feature development in Blender

Greetings, I’m a pretty new developer for Blender but a seasoned 3D generalist. I have been an enthusiast of the UI fork of Blender called Bforartists, but have found that some issues are sourcecode feature deep and may need work directly in the Blender source. I have been relieved and excited about Blender 2.8 and looking forward to the future. Thanks team. 3D work is getting faster and easier every day.

The work process with Bforartists has been straightforward with a tracker in Github and the repository also there. Building is not that different than Blender. You can branch, do your changes, work in tasks, and do pull requests. You can also sync locally and build with Cmake and Tortoise SVN, all cool.

So since I’m new here, and also have noticed that there is a number of different fragmented development areas for Blender, along with documentation… everywhere - and being so huge… I wanted to know, how can I fit into all this?

  1. What is the official minimalized workflow to become a Blender developer?
  2. What/Where is the repository and is it able to be synced locally to TortoiseSVN?
  3. Is the workflow similar to building branches, changing code, creating tasks, pushing to branches, then doing pull requests to be merged later? If so, where is the said tracker and branch manager?
  4. Do these forums have any kind of BB formatting or Markup?
  5. What is the workflow to get features merged into master? Who approves this? Is it more vote based? Are there any key heads calling the shots?
  6. What of the following websites has the official development workflow and reports?

In general, I just wanted to make a human connection to be more a part of the team.

The 2.8 updates and vision and the great UI ideas and workflows I’ve used in my microstudio with the fork of Bforartists and the ability to modify the sourcecode to specific needs has me hopeful, specially coming from trueSpace first, then Softimage. I hope to be more a part of the team, maybe with time, contribute and understand how things work and give back to the community. I still plan to be more involved with BFA, but it would be nice to also understand the Blender sourcecode development and dev workflows.

So hello! Thanks in advance for any pointers and orientation. I’m looking forward to being more involved.


We use Git, see:

It’s a bit different than GitHub, see:

Yes, just use the toolbar above the textfield.

See here for an overview of all the websites and their purpose:

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Thanks buddy. That clarified a lot.