Interested in bringing more Edit Mode modeling tools over to Geometry Nodes. I know how to build Blender, but have no C or C++ experience,

Greetings, fellow Blender builders. I am starting my journey because I am really into Geometry Nodes, which is written in C++. I however am not sure where to start in C++ tutorials.

My main goals include creating a rotation, and translation elements node similar to Scale Elements.

Proportional Editing

Edge Slide

Loop Cut and Slide (Which someone on Discord already told me wouldn’t be easy, so that will probably be on the back burner)

I already know how to build Blender, but don’t really know where to start aside from just looking through the code and finding the corresponding tutorial, such as #include

I have some knowledge of the python basics such as floats, integers, and true or false statements, which has helped me understand how to use Geometry Nodes, but that’s it as far as I’ve gotten with programming… I am, however, filled with determination to see my dreams through with Geometry Nodes.