Interactively select multiple edge loops and edge rings

Improving workflow

*While selecting multiple loop i have to move and click many times to get selection of just consecutive edge loops, this process looks tedious.

A comparison of current method and proposed method will describe the scenario, so lets do that:

•Current method: You hold ‘Alt’ key and click on the edge to select the loop, similarly hold ‘Ctrl and Alt’ together to select edge ring. To select multiple edge loop we have to manually click them even if they are adjacent and consecutive.

•Proposed way: Hold down ‘Alt’ key and simply scroll the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the selection of adjacent loop just as with proportional editing.
Similarly hold down ‘Ctrl and Alt’ for edge ring.

I think this intuitive way of using mouse wheel is the original power of blender. So just to give the blender community a good of dealing with selection i will hope that in the next update you will implement this.

you can technically already do this if you set your hotkeys up to allow for it. mesh.select_next to get the edges you want and then run the loop multiselect operator.