Intel OpenCL


I didn’t want to create a bug report for that, so I start discussion here.
Intel has recently created “intel-opencl” which allows Intel GPU to use advance OpenCL on Linux (at least) - it’s open source.

Note: It works great with LuxRender (10x faster than CPU on my computer).

I checked in source code to verify if it can work with Cycles. But the platform name is not complete.

First, I changed that line in opencl_split.cpp:

else if (platform_name == "Intel(R) OpenCL" || platform_name == "Intel(R) OpenCL HD Graphics") {

And I use “force_all” boolean to force my card. Of course it fails as explained in the comment “it segfaults on linux currently”

The only thing I want to say is that platform_name is not “Intel ® OpenCL” only. My line is the one to used to check both platform name.

Should I create a bug report ? or a patch ?

It doesn’t fix anything… only the platform name string is fixed