Instancing Objects - New (Kinda) Feature?

Hey there!

Ok so I’ve been playing around with instancing and duplicating linked. Both are very cool.

It seems that duplicating linked has most of the performance of instancing, but with the added flexibility of being able to change object properties, while using the same mesh. Aka the verts / faces / memory of the scene stay consistent regardless of how many you have in the scene.

However, it’s always confused me as to how you can instance a collection, instance a child object on a parent’s vertices and faces, but you can’t just instance an object by itself. For cases where you want everything to be replicated, including the settings of the object, a pure instance on an object level would be very nice, without having to add it to a collection first. The mechanism seems to be there in terms of already being able to instance children on the parents vertexes / faces.

  1. Would you all find that a useful feature?
  2. Can you already do this, and I’m just not seeing it?

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 8.53.09 AM

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