Installing IGS Addon

I am trying to install this addon into 2.8 but running into problems. I need some help to do this since I am not an expert and new to Blender.

Your addon link has some sort of permission requirement

Also, please don’t expect other people to do the work for you. Tell us about the addon, describe the problem you’re having, and give us all of the information you have. Otherwise, we won’t be able to help.

Error messages, or it didn’t happen.


Subject: Re: [Blender Developer Talk] [Other Topics] Installing SGI Addon

Hi Joseph. If you unzip the document (unzip it) you will see an installation and usage Guide. Firstly the document is not mine and the owner does not respond. Since there are so many people asking for this addon. I though just maybe a developer would be interested in updating this addon for Ver 2.8 since it was written for V2.6. I am not a developer and I am not expecting someone to do my work. I am an end consumer.

The addon has a GUi and some Python files which needs to be copied to the /script folder. I have done that, also created a separate folder under script to see if the path is correct. No success. No error messages and no response from Blender itself for the addon. Nothing to go on and no messages to share. I have added everything I have to the zip file.
If you tell me where to look I will see if there are hidden messages that I did not find.

Can’t you share this addon openly? Anyone following your link is unable to access the addon without requesting permission first. That’s going to prevent quite a few people from taking a look. You could perhaps put it up on github or similar to allow for changes to be made cooperatively and to avoid this whole permission headaches as well.

I will continue trying to contact the person that created the addon and ask for permission. He lives in the UK.

I think Github is a good idea, I will see what I can do tomorrow.

You don’t need permission – if the addon isn’t GPL code it violates Blender’s license, and if it is GPL you can share it freely.

I believe it is GPL.
The Blender IA/IGS export extension Bigex is subject to the GNU Public Licence,
version 3 (GPL3) with the restrictions for commercial use as listed below. The
full text of the GPL3 licence can be read on the net:,

If you click on the google code link I have included. I will give you permission to copy.

If it’s GPL, just put it up on github or gitlab. No need for anyone to request access.

Yeah, I ain’t using Google for anything. I’m happy to help if I can access the files without using any kind of account.

I have added files to github

Interesting. I’ll take a look at this.

From the readme:

The usage of the Blender IA/IGS export extension Bigex is allowed for creation
of 3D models only, which are distributed without any form of compensation
(Freeware). The usage for creation of 3D models which are not distributed as
Freeware (Payware, Shareware, etc.) requires the express and written approval
of the author (Contact: henningbr218 (at) b188 (dot) de).

Each 3D model, created with the Blender IA/IGS export extension Bigex, with a
certain count of vertices gets a special marking. This mark appears later in
the 3D model in Rail Simulator / Railworks also. The evidence, that a certain
3D model was created with the Blender IA/IGS export extension Bigex is
therefore identifiable.

This is an express violation of the GPL. lol. This guy can get bent.

OK, here’s the issue: first, the Python module has no, so Blender doesn’t run any code when you try to install the addon from a .zip (becuase it looks for this file). So it won’t fail or show any error message in that case, because it actually hasn’t failed or encountered any errors.
The second reason is because the author of this addon is a sneaky bastard that thought he could get around the GPL by compiling his Python code and only shipping the obfuscated, compiled code.

He’s violating Blender’s license, pure and simple.

Maybe I’ll take a whirl at de-compiling the Python and reverse engineering the obfuscated code sometime in the week. What this guy did is completely unacceptable and maybe even illegal.

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Thanks for your help. No wonder I could not get it to work in Blender.

Lots of obfuscation and evilness. Note also that this thread would appear to have a typo in the title (SGI should be IGS). Hunting around, it looks like a maintained addon is at :

No That Typo is mine. my head stuck on cgi as it was what I am using Blender for. you are correct it should be .IGS