Installing 3rd party python libraries in Blender

The recipe for installing 3rd party libraries (like scipy) seems to be changing from one release to another. I have spent a couple of days trying to install scipy into blender python on the latest release (3.3.1). None of the methods from older versions seem to work.

I have tried the recommendations from this answer:

And, this answer:

None of these seem to work.
I also tried copying the scipy folder from system’s site-packages to the blender’s Python lib folder. But it doesn’t work either.

P.S. I think there should be documentation on how to achieve this (within the release notes or a forum post) that tracks this for each release. A lot of people seem to be running into this.

If by “installing 3d party python libraries”, you mean the equivalent of "pip install "? Then I can tell you that you should use the pip inside blender. If this is what you mean then I’ll share how I did it , thanks to another blender user that suggested this to me.
If you mean adding modules that are custom and not posted on pipy, then adding them manually by coping the folder to blender’s python environment folder would do the trick.