Installed Blender using WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux) - have anyone got it to open in GUI?

Hey guys

I am using a Windows machine and running WSL for programming stuff etc. I have had success before using Xming to run GUI applications like gedit, paraview etc. but blender just doesn’t seem to be able to open. Is it possible to make it work in some way?

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I’m going to make a random guess and say the problem is a lack of OpenGL support.
Does running glxinfo tell you anything interesting?

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I’ve gotten this to work in the past (2.79), but I’ve re-installed Windows since then… and then I switched to Ubuntu outright. I think I was using Xming, too.

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Thanks everybody for answering - I went another route and found out how to cross-compile from windows to linux.

So you are compiling with MSVC, but running it from WSL?

no, MSVC cannot produce elf binaries afaik. but you can run the linux build (off the buildbot, or build your build with gcc) if you want on WSL given the right X server , the one i had only did softwareGL not sure if there’s one that does hardware GL.

Sorry, I must have been tired, I compiled from Linux (by using WSL) to Windows :slight_smile: What I said in my earlier message is wrong.

When i got it to work in WSL in the past, I just did sudo apt-get blender IIRC. That’s cool that you’re able to build it, too!

I think I would be able to build blender as well in theory, but what I was able to build is something I am making for some blender stuff where I try to import a lot of particles. My computer is windows based so I am using WSL since I like the Ubuntu work flow, but unfortunately GUI applications are not supported properly, so I had to build my function from C in Linux to Windows, and then use it inside Blender in the Windows enviroment.

Sorry if my explanations have been a bit tangled haha

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