Industry Compatible Keymap Proposal - Feedback Requested

Not sure what you mean. What is the issue with the IC keymap?

Why would you want/need to swap LMB and MMB for navigation?
Context menus use RMB. How is this relevant?
The feature to ‘Emulate 3 button mouse’ is still available under ‘Input’ in the preferences.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear (and meant RMB, not LMB, sry). From a “new user coming from other software” standpoint, the first hurdle I run into is navigation, for example Rhino uses the same keys combination for navigation and menus calling, but MMB and RMB inverted.
In some release ago the was an option (not sure if it was in “input” or “navigation”) which allowed you to do this exact swap (I have to check which was the last release having it).

Speaking of remapping issue; I meant that the menus have different name criteria in different context, so you can’t just search the string “context menu” and easily change all of them

I don’t think this is on topic. This thread is primarily about the default mappings of the IC keymap.
Better support within Blender in general for customization is a different discussion.

Ok, I’ll bring this up whenever it’s time

[ and ] dont’t seem to work at all on european keyboard. they share ü and ¨ on mine. (swiss keyboard)

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That’s a general issue in Blender atm. Once this is fixed the keybindings will be on the key location instead of the exact key.

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Hi @JulienKaspar , there’s another regression with the new setup, the operators “Set Object Mode with Submode” (1…3) are added to “Object Mode”, but that way you cant use it to switch from any other mode than object mode.

That is intentional. The old keymap was heavily favouring edit mode with these shortcuts. This left out many other modes and was also not working well with other object types like grease pencil.

The 1-3 keys are now primarily for the current mode you’re in. This is very beneficial for changing the selection/masking modes in the current context.
But while in object mode the shortcuts still switch to edit mode by default.

Sorry if the changes are causing trouble. The main effort went into supporting more than just modeling in the keymap and sticking closer to Blenders default behavior.

@Debuk @And-Woo Maybe you have an opinion on this:
In edit mode the shortcut for ‘Region Selection’ on Shift Ctrl LMB from the default keymap is missing.
Would you like to have this added?

There is also currently no shortcut by default for the Add menu or the Shading pie menu.
Is this something you’d like to have added?

Well currently I dont have a shortcut for the shading pie as its overlay is directly in the viewport( Logically could see this somewhere on z or alike and “Zoom to border” which is located there isnt the most neccessary function aswell.) What did you have in mind as shortcut?

I have shortcuts for the shortest path fill and the add menu though.
What would be your shortcut idea for these? I have them on Shift+Ctrl+Alt+LEFTMOUSE which isnt the nicest one, but to me it makes sense there as Shift+Ctrl is the Shortest Path and it does align with the basic selection logic that way.
For the different add menus I have those on Ctrl+Tab as the operator search menu and quick favorites are also located there ( works fine under windows, not sure about others)

I will answer on your other reply later when I have more time.

For the shading pie menu I had in mind to use Ctrl X.
But the question is also whether to use the extended or default shading pie menu. The extended pie menu also includes the Overlays and Xray toggle.
This could then even replace the shortcut on Alt X for the Xray toggle.

I think that shortcut makes sense. Then it’s at least available.

That would also make sense. Not a convenient shortcut but works well on both Windows and Linux as far as I’ve tested.
The common alternative to this in the IC keymap is to add the Add menu to the quick favourites.

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Ok I see. I’d find the extended menu better fitting to the idea of the map, but I would keep it on Ctrl + X and wouldnt replace Alt+X.

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@JulienKaspar I don’t know who is in charge of the keymaps, but I spend the day looking at Industry Standard keymap for the VSE. Looking at the industry standard functionalities in the process, I added notes on that too in this document: INDUSTRY KEYMAP FOR THE VSE

Thanks for getting involved! The VSE and various other editors need a close look and possibly a complete overhaul in the IC keymap. I’d like to look into it at some point so testing and research helps a lot right now :+1:

When the brush is in stencil state in 3D view, zooming doesn’t work. It works well when it’s in view plane, etc. The mouse wheel works, but alt + right mouse doesn’t. This is the case everywhere where a brush with stencil mapping is used, such as Sculpt mode, Texture Paint mode, Image Editor, etc. Is there a way to handle this in keymap? It’s version 4.02.

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If you have time, please make a bug report about the zoom navigation not working. That should get fixed asap.

But sadly Stencil shortcuts are still a blind spot on the IC keymap and also “3 Mouse Button emulation” on the default keymap.
There’s no way of adding shortcuts to them, so the plan is to add gizmo handles to transform the stencil instead.

Okay, I’ll write a bug report.
Because it works fine in 3.6.

Oh sorry - that’s really late reply tho this exact post but does this mean we will finally be able to utilize the (location of the) tilde key on any keyboard layout, some time in the future?

Sorry I don’t know about that. It’s kinda unrelated from the IC keymap.

@JulienKaspar How is the IC keymap for the VSE coming along?