Increase slider change rate

Hello! I’m a new to Blender (though I have a couple decades of experience with 3dsmax and Maya). While poking around I saw that while scrubbing on a numeric slider you can hold SHIFT to decrease the change rate by a factor of 0.1. However, with some values I’d like to be able to increase the change rate (the opposite of what SHIFT does).

  • Would there be support to adding the ability to hold ALT to increase the change rate by a factor of 10? (It looks like ui_numedit_but_SLI (and callers) in is where this change would be made, and is relatively straight-forward.)

  • What’s the best practice for doing this? (e.g. make a pull request out of the blue on blender/blender: The official Blender project repository. - blender - Blender Projects? Open an issue on that project and ask for it to be assigned to me? Post somewhere to discuss first?)

  • If making an issue for the above, what issue type would I use (it’s not a Bug, but the “Design” and “To Do” issues are labeled “for developers only”, but I don’t know if that mean “blessed core dev” or “anyone who can write and contribute code”)?


You can create a design issue for this if you expect discussion. Or you can immediately offer PR

I have no idea if this will generate discussion as I’m not familiar with the Blender dev community :slight_smile: (especially in a module that’s tagged as being in maintenance mode).

ALT is already used for changing a parameter on all selected objects at once. Maybe something like shift+alt or shift+ctrl?

Alt is multiobject, ctrl is for increments, and shift is for decreasing rate. And they all already combine between each other so no key combination would work currently. Maybe scrolling up and down while dragging over value can change the change rate? like walk and fly navigation.

The question then becomes if that new rate is saved. And if it is, is it per slider?object? file? user?

A simpler answer would be for it not to be saved.