Inconsistent object mode changing


the issue is that object mode changes feel really inconsistent due to how they’re sometimes done for you when you most obviously want it and other times not done for you. leaving the times when it isn’t done for you feeling out of place and annoying.

problem is caused as a result of the way workspaces automatically change object modes for your active object but no other mode change (when you select a new object) is ever automatically done for you.
this could happen a lot when using sculpting and texture painting workspaces depending on your chosen workflow.

while you had to change object modes entirely yourself in 2.79 and earlier it felt more like just part of the flow of things and only felt somewhat annoying when you were having to change a lot of modes for different objects in a short time.

we also didn’t have lock object modes before.
sometimes it’s easier to make things as multiple objects before joining them into a single object if you want to make them a single object at all. “lock object modes” gets in the way of this workflow.

in 2.8 since the mode is changed automatically when you change workspaces in the instances when you do select a new object in a work specific workspace, like the sculpting or texture painting workspaces and end up suddenly back in object mode if feels like you’ve been kicked out of your workflow needlessly.

it feels like blender has forced needless steps onto you and the sudden interruption is a bit jarring to your train of thought and can break your focus.

how this issue effects any object that isn’t the active object when you change workspaces it can at times feel like you’re having to fight against blender to do what you want rather than having it work with you.


  • turn off lock object modes. it’s annoying as a default on option and has to be off to experience this.
  • set up multiple objects in the layout as if you’re just creating a new base mesh for something you’re making in multiple parts.
  • select your main object and change over to the sculpting workspace.
  • sculpt a bit and then select your second object (use the outliner if you’re one of those left clickers, select as normal if you’re using right click select)
  • realize that you’re not in sculpt mode anymore. (harder to realize if you don’t have the tool shelf visible and you’ve fullscreened the 3d viewport)
    your other parts are still in object mode and didn’t get changed to sculpt mode when you changed workspaces.
  • realize you’ll have to deal with this break in your flow every new object change.
  • change second (and more) object’s mode to sculpt mode to finish your sculpting. without further undesired object mode interruptions.
  • move back to the layout workspace or the shading workspace
  • select your other object(s) and realize you’re back in sculpt mode again
  • realize you have to change the modes to the needed one yet again because the other object’s mode didn’t get changed by the workspace change yet again.
  • if you’re working with several parts swap them all back so you can continue on smoothly rather than having to deal with mode swaps every new object selection.


add a options to force newly selected objects into the same object mode as the previously selected object. this way the action of selecting objects changes their object mode making it feel consistent.

you could call it persistent object mode

this could potentially allow us to work without having to deal with changing object modes manually at all meaning the only time we do is when we specifically mean to rather than when it’s suddenly forced that we have to.

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There are some cases where people want appropriate mode for appropriate work. For that, mode switch is great.
And there are other cases when people want to switch between several layouts for same work. For that, mode switch is annoying.

Currently mode switch is permitted inside a workspace. And if a switch is done inside a workspace, all workspace that are using same original mode are following the switch.
If I have a 3DView Fullscreen workspace that uses Object Mode as workspace mode, I switch Layout workspace from Object Mode to Edit Mode and then, go into 3DVIew Fullscreen : object stays into Edit mode.
That is not great because if I ,then, switch to Sculpting workspace to sculpt and then go back to 3DView Fullscreen : my object switch to Object Mode. It is not sculpt mode.It is not edit mode. There is a workflow discontinuity.

If you want to build basic layouts like 3 different 3DViews (panoramic camera, close-up, american shot), 2 3D Views layout (top view, side view), etc… and want to switch from one layout to another and to a specific layout to fix one thing before going back to those generic layouts : you are facing those slowing down discontinuities.
So, a solution for no mode switch at all is necessary for that.