Import OBJ from python using new native importer

I’m thrilled by the performance of the new C++ OBJ importer.
I’d like to call the new importer from Python. Has the API for OBJ importing changed? If I call bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(), how do I know that it’s calling the new OBJ importer and not the legacy one? By the same token, how would I use Python to call the legacy OBJ importer?

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New one is: bpy.ops.wm.obj_import
Old one is: bpy.ops.import_scene.obj

The older legacy one has been completely removed in 4.0 builds. You can’t use that importer any longer.


Ah! This helped me fix a problem with my plugin i often use and spent a good hour or so trying until i saw this.Thanks for alerting us bro.