Implicit Skinning

Hey everyone, someone had mentioned that there was once an effort to do implicit skinning. Was this true? If it was, does anyone here know why the effort was stopped? I’d like to attempt to add it to my own build, but I’m not totally sure where I should start. I am completely new to the Blender source. :confused: I figure that animations/rigging is the best place to start.

I’d like to add this in because implicit shapes are really taking off in the ML sphere for 3D object reconstruction. The issue is that the main way of taking the implicit shapes back to mesh is marching cubes. But implicit skinning could be a really good method of getting a mesh to follow a moving implicit shape.

Also, there are some great videos out there of the beautiful effects of implicit skinning


Hi Sprout,

The world is a big place, and all kinds of people say all kinds of things. I’m not personally aware of anyone working on implicit skinning for Blender.

There were a couple threads I saw with the idea being thrown around, but I think a lot of it was just speculation.

PS: I thought I recognized your name :smiley: I loved your tutorial on Blender plugins with python! Very helpful

Ah yes, those are not official channels by any means. Those are feature requests, not promises of any implementation.

Glad you liked it!