Images and videos for 3.0 release notes

Hi everyone,

We’re finishing the release notes for Blender 3.0 and need a few images and videos.

Anyone is welcome to help out. I’m thinking of:

  • Short videos (20s - 30s) comparing viewport interactivity with 2.93, in one of the demo scenes. Similar to what we did in the original blog post (Cycles X — Developer Blog), but updated.
  • Images comparing new and old shadow catcher, demonstrating the addition of indirect light support.
  • Images comparing relatively low poly model with and without shadow terminator offset enabled.
  • Images demonstrating the new SSS anisotropy for Random Walk.

The demo files can be used for this.

CC @JuanGea @MetinSeven @JoniMercado


I can take the shadow catcher comparison and the low poly model display with shadow terminator issues. Which is the deadline?


I would be good to have all the images in about 2 weeks from now. The official release is early December, but I’d like to have the release notes complete before that.

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I’ve very recently used SSS Anisotropy and IOR in this rendering. If you like it I’ll be happy to contribute it for Blender demo purposes.

I could make renderings with varying Anisotropy settings to show the difference?


I will do the video with performance comparison in some of our archviz scenes
I can also use demo scenes, I imagine that several scenes could be good.

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Sounds great.

Thanks. Mainly I think it needs to be a good looking scene that’s reasonably complex, beyond that an archviz or official demo scene are both fine.


Cool. How would you like to receive the images? Shall I combine renderings with text, similar to this comparison?

It’s best to give us individual images without text, that way it’s consistent and works with translation and accessibility features in web browsers.

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I can supply renders and videos from one of my scenes (that I did with redhoot)
Might be useful to showcase the viewport performance increase in CyclesX?

Feel free to use parts of this if its useful, I can also rerecord anything if needed.


Here there are some videos comparing 2.93.6 with 3.0 beta.

I forgot to remove a studio mark in the upper left corner, but since the videos will probably be edited and cropped I ignored it, I assume the mark will be removed.

If there is a need to re-record for any reason just ask me and I’ll do it right away.

Also if you think the videos should be longer and include more scene editing, the same, just tell me and I’ll re-record the videos.

This is all on Linux with a GTX1080 alone, no CPU involved, not even an RTX card, I can record some videos also on windows with an RTX 2080Ti if you prefer.

The first 3.0 video does not have adaptive sampling enabled on viewport, that’s why there is a second version, but I included this one too in case it’s useful.

Here is the less-compressed download, everithing inside a .7z file:

And here are the videos with a bit more compression to be visible here:


Thanks @statix and @JuanGea for the videos.

@statix, if we could somehow cut that down to 20-30s of the best bits and have a side-by-side comparison of 2.93 and 3.0 it would work well for the release notes I think.

We want something that people can quickly look at when scrolling through the release notes, so basically you’d want people to be able to see the relative improvement in the first few seconds. I would start from a converged render and then start navigating.

@JuanGea, I prefer the video from @statix at this point, though we could have multiple.

The overlays are distracting, and I don’t much like the denoising while navigating, it doesn’t look that good to me. I prefer it to only kick in later, or at least show both without and with denoising. Not using hardware accelerated ray-tracing and denoising also likely hurts the interactivity.

The scene geometry subjectively feels a bit simple, due the the big cubical marble block and table as the center of attention, even if there is more detail around that.

Ok, not a problem, I was going to re-record this, so I can look for a different scene, however not a big deal if you prefer the @statix scene anyways :slight_smile:

Also I can record it with the 2080Ti to have Optix kicking in, I’ll check that :slight_smile:

Sadly I don’t have a 3090 hehehe

Hi Brecht,

How about something like this ?

Here’s the high quality video files

Optionally I can send the .blend file and you guys can record anything else if needed.


I like it. It think we can that as is, thanks!

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@statix pretty cool comparison, well done :slight_smile:

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Nice showcases! Any news regarding Shadow Catcher or Shadow Terminator?
CC: @JoniMercado

I’m working on those today!

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Hey guys! this is a comparison between the shadow catcher from blender 3.0 and blender 2.93.
The floor lamp is hitting the wall and the results are way too different.
CC @pablovazquez @brecht



It’s hard to say way 2.93 looks different, might be that there was no proper shadow catcher support for the world background?

I think the comparison should demonstrate the support for indirect light, with some diffuse color bleeding or glossy reflection being visible in the shadow catcher.

@statix, how should I credit you in the release notes? I see different names in your profile and Google drive, not sure which one to use.