Image Editor and Shader Editor

Statement of problem:

when I save an image from the image editor to a particular location on my computer then I go to the shader editor and coping the same image texture with the shift+d then make it a single-user copy and edit this single-user copy in texture paint and save it then what is wrong here that this copy also held at the exact location of the original image path.

How I create this problem:

  1. first add an image as an image texture in the shader editor.
  2. paint this blank image in texture paint mode no matter by the paint mode of the image editor or direct in the 3d object.
  3. in the shader editor copy this image texture by the shift+d and make it a single-user copy
  4. again edit this single-user copy (or paint some other things over it ).
  5. press alt+s and then this single-user copy will overwrite your original first image or should I say overwrite this single user copy at path of orignal image.

is it fair to save a single user copy at same location of original image?