Icon enumeration documentation

Hi there, I got an error today in 2.80.26 in a part of my script that is drawing a panel and using an icon enumeration…

row_ops_1.operator("crowdrender.rem_cr_node", icon='MINUS', text ="Rem")
TypeError: UILayout.operator(): error with keyword argument "icon" -  enum "MINUS" not found in ('NONE', 'QUESTION', 'ERROR', 'CANCEL', 'TRIA_RIGHT', 'TRIA_DOWN', 'TRIA_LEFT', 'TRIA_UP', 'ARROW_LEFTRIGHT', 'PLUS', 'DISCLOSURE_TRI_RIGHT', 'DISCLOSURE_TRI_DOWN', 'RADIOBUT_OFF', 'RADIOBUT_ON', 'MENU)

I’m looking for the replacement for ‘ZOOMIN’ ‘ZOOMOUT’, seems that PLUS replaces ZOOMIN, but I tried MINUS for ZOOMOUT and got this error. I can’t find (searching with google) where the new list of enumerations for the new icons in 2.8 is.

Any chance a dev could post the list of valid icon enums here along with the icon images themselves so we can make changes to our scripts? I can see in the error that there are some of the enumerations listed, but this list is small and I’m pretty confident that is not all the icons in 2.8.


There is an Icon Viewer addon for this purpose.

Instead of ZOOMIN and ZOOMOUT you can use ADD and REMOVE.

Hi Brecht,

Ahhh thanks, found the addon you mentioned bundled in 2.8, thats super useful!