Icon creation with blender_icons_update.py fails with FileNotFoundError: [WinError 2]

Hello friends,

I run into an error with creating the icons with blender_icons_update.py. This has worked before. And i cannot find the reason why it fails now. Did something change recently? Could you please lend me some help here?

I tried alreay to add a shell = True to the def run, but no success.

My system is a Win 10 with Inkscape 1.2.2 and Python 3.11. Is it maybe the wrong Python version ? I am not even sure about which missing file it moans.

Any help or hint is very welcome :slight_smile:
Kind regards

is blender.exe available in your path?

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Ah that was indeed the problem. Many thanks. I have installed Blender 4 now. And the path variable still pointed at the 3.6 folder.

However, with changing the path variable to 4.0 i run into the next error ^^

no idea, beyond “it had issues” this screenshot doesn’t really give any information to help diagnose the problem, I’d probably try coping the command it is giving you and running it manually, and see what is up with it

Yeah, same here. No idea what it moans about.

Okay, many thanks so far. I’ll have a look if i can find the cause :slight_smile:

The second error is indeed Blender 4. It is not able to create the icons. A look into the Windows event viewer showed me the problem. Blender 4 crashes with the job.

I’ve reinstalled Blender 3.6.2 now, changed the path variables back, and the icon creation is back working.