I would like to suggest a better use of tags

With this screenshot I would like to make it clear that at the moment the use of tags is not used at best, in fact there are a lot of posts based on “user interface” and all the other tags are empty …
I do not know exactly how, but I think, having observed how discourse works in recent months, I think that it could encourage people to better use the tags for better organization of resources.
Greetings by Noki


Considering there are so many in User Interface, maybe we should consider splitting User Interface up? Maybe things like layout, gizmo’s, overlays, display modes, input, colour management?

What are the measurable changes of ‘better’ tag usage? What does better mean? More even distribution of items? Being able to quickly find relevant discussions? At a glance, being able to see what is being discussed the most?

If it is the last one, the current state indicates that UI topics are being discussed a lot at the moment. This makes sense considering the significant UI changes of late.

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