I would like to create web components UI library based on Blender UI. Does this violate copyright?

Hello! As per title I would like to create UI library for the web based on Blender UI. Though I believe there might be legal issues with that, since Blender is developed under GPL and I am considering to make this library MIT licensed. So I have the following questions:

  1. Do I violate GPL in case I create MIT licensed web UI library that provide the same look and feel as Blender UI elements?

  2. If the answer on previous question is “yes”, maybe there is an option to develop such library under GPL license?

  3. If the answer on previous question is “no”, maybe there is an option do develop such library as part of Blender ecosystem?

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Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer
Probably there is no enough details to say anything even near to solid.
First of all, do you plan to use source code of blender? C/C++, python, settings of themes?
I mean, the hand paint art of blender window would not be under blender license, so it’s really important part of how you will do this. And even saying this, i’m not sure of my words, because i’m not a lawyer.

I can’t speak for any legal terms in regards to what you are asking. But going on a slight tangent: Is Godot’s UI an alternative for you? It’s MIT license based and there have already been other applications which pretty much used only Godot’s user interface as a basis for their own products and anything inbetween.

Sparseal’s “Cozyblanket” and “Uniform” use Godot as basis for UI and a few other things, for example. Godot also has a web editor already. So just as an idea, maybe, if GPL gets too complicated for what you want to achieve.

(edit) Also, I didn’t realize I’ve just resurrected a two month old thread. Sorry. :see_no_evil:

It is the code which is licensed under the terms of GPL, the artwork (icons and such) are one of the CreativeCommons license. Fonts have their own license, and you should be able to quite easily figure them out from the name (we use different fonts, so it is hard to give a quick answer).

That being said, it does seem to be a question in the reals of legal department, so I suggest contacting the foundation: foundation (at) blender (dot) org.