I want to donate blender, but I haven't Visa .. Paypal ..etc. account, I only has Zhifubao, Wechat , so , How?

Since Blender 2.82 , Blender has a amount of chinese user, but cuz firewall , chinese user has no Visa, Paypal account. Someone is fans of blender and has so much loves on blender, I think they as same as me to want to donate blender, but chinese only has ZhiFuBao, Wechat account , so , If Blender.org support Zhifubao, Wechat , I think Blender will get more Support and be better and better in future.



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Please contact the devfund support directly.

To quote a previous comment:

such things are better be directed to [email protected] as per the contact information on the devfund site.

I think Blender should focus on this. It’s beneficial for users and developers if people from other countries can donate without having to send mails. The current system significantly reduces the potential donations to Blender. This should be a priority. Is there a reason why donations from Asia or India are not supported?


For China, see

If a particular country has financial regulations or policies that heavily limited the options to transfer monetary funds in specific ways, that’s not something that is easily dealt with by a software company.

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That’s why I asked. There are other services and software that manage to do it :blush:. For example: Patreon, Autodesk, Epic, Steam, Microsoft Office, McAfee, Kaspersky, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), Tencent Games, GitHub subscriptions, Dropbox, Duolingo, Coursera subscriptions, Udemy courses, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, WinRAR, etc. Only to name a few.

Maybe Blender could ask for some external help to do this. I’m sure a lot of people would help. I say this because Blender is gaining a lot of popularity, and in my opinion, it’s EXTREMELY important that they receive the most funding possible. I say this as someone who uses various software, and Blender is reaching the point where it is catching up to other software, but it needs a little push. That push can be achievable with more donations. To illustrate my point, other companies of 3D software invest around 60 million into the development of their annual software. Blender’s budget is 2 million. Of course, it’s up to the Blender team to decide what they want.


What do all of these have in common that Blender does not that might be why they can make this work? I can think of two answers almost immediately, there may be more

I guess it is “donate” that differentiates blender from other companies, you cannot get anything with your payment from blender, which probably caused the terms conflict.

They’re all multi-billion for profit companies with employees in the 10,000+ range :wink:

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