I need help finding original source for a modification

EDIT: Disregard this post. I finally found where ICON_RNA originates and that it’s been around for many years. Thanks anyways

I am not a good programmer. So I need help to understand the basics.

(note: I’m using FIRST few digits in SHA)
The revision 8dff5389 “Merge branch ‘master’ into blender2.8” merges many many modified files in one commit. The particular change I am interested in is the addition of ICON_RNA in EnumPropertyItem display_mode_items[] of rna_space.c

I used git blame on the file and found that revision 0b7edf105 is apparently where ICON_RNA originates, BUT I would think UI_icons.h should’ve included a modification also, and I ONLY see rna_space.c in the log.

Am I doing something wrong??

Shouldn’t UI_icons.h have been modified with DEF_ICON(RNA) ??

Is revision 0b7edf105 actually where ICON_RNA originates from??