I have a problem with my cookies

Hello everyone, i am new to blender and have a little problem with the visibility of one of my objects in the final render and hope to find some answers here.

So I modeled some cookies and after finishing them of i tried to do a final render of them. The problem is that they don’t get rendered (cycles) while they are clearly visible in the viewport at any of the modes. The chocolat chips on top (they are seperate particles attatched to the main body) can be seen on the final render. The rest of the scene is clearly visible without any problems. I already checked that the inside is on the inside in the face orientation property and that it has nothing to do with the textures or displacement I added. Now I am out of ideas and hope one of you does know how to fix it. I’ll attatch one of my renders so you can see what to deal with.

I am counting on you. Feel free to ask. If wanted i could also upload the .blend data and provide a seperate link to it.


If you can post the blend file, probably only the camera lights and problem object, it would be better.

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opsie… Thanks! I will try it there.