I am unable to run anything higher than 2.83

My pc is old and I really want to use the new features only issue is that I think my Hp Pc from 2010 isn’t nearly new enough. Am I left in the dust?

Hi. Does your computer meets these requirements ?

:point_right: Requirements — blender.org

Are you sure to use the latest version of your graphics card drivers ?

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I’m fairly sure. I just attempted to update all my driver’s just incase. Still no luck. Also downloaded the latest build incase of something being odd.

@ight can you reply with your CPU and GPU model, system RAM and VRAM size? Know your OS should be nice

p.s. if latest driver available from chipmaker (Amd/Intel/Nvidia) support site is older than 1-1.5 year i can suppose your computer not meet minimum Blender requirements

Hi yes thank you. It’s just an HP pavilion I’ve had since I was 16. Windows 10, intel i5 no gpu that is compatible. It has an old AMD. Thanks for the reply. It’s definitely older than 10 years.