How UV Unwrapping function works?

How UV Unwrap works, and way to implement it in a opengl generic application. Please help me.

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There is some information on the system here, with most code now in source/blender/editors/uvedit/:

some way to implement the UV Unwrap algorithm in a C ++ application, or at least explain a bit to what operations it does to meshes, if it processes vertices, faces to calculate texture coordinates

You’ll have to look into it a bit more yourself and ask more specific questions, we can’t provide a step by step guide. This code is part of Blender and can’t just be copy pasted into another application, work will be needed to reuse it. And note that the code is GPL licensed, which may or may not be compatible with your application.

UV unwrapping computes UV texture coordinates based on vertices and faces.


Thanks you. For your help. I already had found the algorithm for generate uv. It’s Least Shape Conformal Mapping. I’ll try to port the algorithm from C++ to Java.