How to use ACES in Blender

If you want to use ACES with the currently released Blender, you can use it by rewriting the config and specifying the rewritten config in a bat file. However, configs such as ACES1.2 distributed by AMPAS and others differ from Blender’s config naming rules, so they cannot be made to work correctly. To solve these problems, volunteer Blender users are distributing configs that have been rewritten for Blender, but I don’t know which one is correct. One of my wishes is that they would officially support this area. Also, does Blender have plans to change the default color space to ACES like Maya and Houdini in the future? If so, when will it be realized? Until then, if you want to use ACES, you have to use Config. I would like them to officially prepare Config for ACES.

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hello, maybe these guides by “Daniel Brylka” to use OpenColorIO (OCIO) could be useful:

Blender 3.5:

updated for Blender 4.1

Anyway in the website menu you can find additional guides and info like: