How to 'undo' geometry nodes

Hi, I’m a complete beginner (blender 3.0) and I am trying to follow a tutorial using geometry nodes. I am unable to undo with ctrl-z. I’ve found multiple threads on the bug reports which all end with “this is a known bug” or “this is the intended behaviour” - so how are you meant to undo something?! There has to be a fix for this right? I can’t undo mistakes, I often accidentally press something, delete links etc and it’s really difficult to find what has changed. I’m at the point now where my geomtery nodes are sufficiently complicated that I am spending 30 mins trying to find out what changed when I press the wrong key and getting nothing done

If you think you’ve found a bug, it’s best to report it on, this site isn’t meant for bug reports. So I’ll have to close this thread.