How to set the FIRST instance of the Outliner to use a properties region(N-panel)?

I am trying to code a buttons region/properties panel for the outliner, and I’ve got it to work for all instances except the very first.

How do I get the properties region to work for the very first instance of outliner?

Here is my code so far:






Alright, I’ve found out how to get the first instance of the outliner to include a properties region. I just copied some action editor code like do_version_action_editor_properties_region() and pasted it to versioning280.c, and modified it a little.

Now, I’m just not sure of which subversion number to use to contain the code so I just put it outside all MAIN_VERSION_ATLEAST(bmain, 280, ???)

Can someone tell me how to know which subversion to use ?

For the subversion, you would increase the value in BKE_blender_version by one and then use that value.

I’m not sure a properties region would fit well in the outliner though, it’s too narrow for that.

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All right, thanks man.

Well, it could overlap the restriction buttons instead of merely pushing them aside, and presumably my design would not require constant usage, as well.

To be honest with you, I don’t get why Blender uses a non-overlapping paradigm and that floating regions aren’t just used. Whatever issues could be thought of there is, undoubtedly, a resolve for it. I guess I have to just look into it more…