How to select vertices of geometry created from scratch.Geometry Nodes

Hello. I am using Geometry Nodes, I would like to know if it possible to select the vertices of a mesh created inside Geometry Nodes, with the purpose of assign a Vertex Group to it; I mean, when you are in Edit Mode, select the vertices not of the mesh on which has been applied the Geometry Node Modifier, but select the vertices of the newly created mesh.

Basicly a new node called CHECKPOINT For manipulate the geometry and save it in non-procedural mode is comming… when ? IDK

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Hello Stimes, thanks for the reply.

Yes, basically I need to assign a VertexGroup to the Vertices resulting from the output of the GeometryNode, that you can ALREADY SEE LISTED in the SPREADSHEET, with an index, position and UV, that are ALREADY THERE.
The problem it’s that the only way of selecting them(as I said to make them a VertexGroup)that come to my mind, it’s by EditMode selecting them, BUT you can’t do that, you can just select the Vertices of the Geometry on which you applied the GeometryNode Modifier.

I attach the picture with encircled the SpreadSheet List of Vertices Output to underline that they ALREADY EXIST, what I am looking for, it’s the possibility to assign them a VertexGroup, because I am working with a plugin that NEEDS a VertexGroup Input.

For now is really complicated… i’ll suggest you to take the way of non-procedural mode…

Yes, indeed I am working in that way for the moment. Thanks.

So, for those interested, for the moment I end up with this method:

  1. generate GN, I also used animations in some nodes. It could be only 1 mesh or multiple meshes.

  2. be statisfied of what you have done.

  3. export the object(on which has been applied GN Modifier) in ALEMBIC format. Alembic has the property to save, frame by frame, all the animations.

  4. reimport the ALEMBIC, that comes as an object with an AlembicModifierCache on it, select the mesh, make the VertexGroup.

In the case you need, if you want replace the animation because for example you have corrected it, you can make another Alembic and substitute it in the AlembicModifierCache.

This is the best method at the moment that I found to keep GN flexibility and obtain, when you are satisfied, a VertexGroup of the resulting meshes.