How to overcome 30 recent files limit?

Hi guys! I looked everywhere to find solution to this problem. No luck finding the answer elsewhere so far.
I have to go through more than 100 blender files for a game art created over the years. This 30 files limit was ment for older machines but if someone has need for bigger number of recent files and a capable system there is no way to set it to any bigger number. Not for 2.7 nor for 2.8.
I asked how to make all blender versions show more than 30 recent files in so many different places and nobody had answer to that.
If you know how please share the way with me? Or if you know somebody who might know the answer could you please direct me to this person?
Thank you so much guys!

It looks like the upper limit is enforced here:

  prop = RNA_def_property(srna, "recent_files", PROP_INT, PROP_NONE);
  RNA_def_property_range(prop, 0, 30);
  prop, "Recent Files", "Maximum number of recently opened files to remember");

in rna_userdef.c

Thanks for your help Phil!
Can`t find this rna_userdef.c file in program files/Blender Foundation/ 2.78 on C drive
Could you tell me where to find it? And will changing the number in the script work for me how do you think?

It’s part of the source code; it’s a compiled-in limit.

Oh that. Does that mean it`s only possible for the guys that do daily and other builds to make this happen? To expose this value to users?

As you probably noticed allready i`m not much of a dev guy. Just trying to find a way to solution

Thanks anyway for your hint Phil!

I have no idea why 30 was chosen as an upper limit. It could be arbitrary (some form of limit has to be set; 30 may have seemed reasonable). It could also be that there is more to this. Someone more familiar with the code would have to comment (and perhaps even add a comment in the source - most of the limits don’t have an explanation behind them, e.g. ‘versions to save’ seems to be limited to 32 maximum; not sure why)