How to make our bpy.props python properties update with drivers/keyframes?


Anyone know how to make our python addon properties update with keyframes and driver?
Somehow drivers/keyframes don’t send any update signal (as in update=fct argument in our bpy.props)

and i think the only solution is to check every properties in a frame_post handler, which is quite a bad workaround.
Note that the set function react to driver/keyframe writings, but this function will get us nowhere (?)


Maybe a C developer know this answer/issue ?
Is there a task about this very specific issue? or shall i create a new one?
i heard it’s related to this task, but it seem quite a different issue here

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RNA is not notified because drivers are probably working with pointers (modifying directly values)


And how can we resolve this problem?

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I think the only approach you have at the moment is the one you have pointed out.

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I created a new task for this,
maybe we’ll get some responses by devs


Hello, anyone got explanations?

this being a “known limitation.” seem a bit odd :sweat_smile:
because that mean that basically every python addons ever made be cannot be keyframed


I am wonder when to fix this problem…It seems that the third party render engine can update theirs nodes correctly. Any solution from them?

Only solution i can think of is creating a function that retroactively loop to all your registered properties and run their update fct for each frame? but this seem quite like a really bad solution imho

we need a some advices from some cpp devs i believe :face_with_raised_eyebrow: