How to keep hidden edit mode geometry ghosted like you could in 2.79b?

Hey. I remember in 2.79b that when I pressed H in edit mode, it wouldn’t completely hide the geometry, but rather ghost it (at least it did in a later build of 2.79b, i’m not actually sure if it was an unintentional bug that only affected a couple of the later daily releases).

This was really handy because you could keep edit mode operations limited to the un-hidden geometry whilst using the hidden geometry as a guide.

How do you do this in 2.8 upwards? It’s driving me nuts having to guess what i’m doing :slight_smile: A poor mans workaround has been selecting inverse and duplicating the geometry i’m going to hide into a new object, so that I can use that as a visual guide, but that’s a bit cumbersome.

Are you sure? Here I tried to reproduce by H (hiding) some verts…

2.79b dated 2018-03-22

2.79++ dated 2019-06-27

yep, it was definitely 100% happening in some of the later daily 2.79b builds, but i’m not sure if it was perhaps an unintentional bug. Don’t ask me which builds though, I used to update almost every other day and they’re long gone now :slight_smile:

hmmm, unless there’s a setting in preferences to control the opacity of hidden geometry in edit mode? I’ll have a dig around.

Although I suppose sometimes you do actually need the hidden geometry to be hidden for better clarity. Perhaps there’s a completely different hide operation, which just excludes edit mode geometry from being affected by operations without hiding it?