How to integrate Blender in a Production Pipeline

How do we integrate Blender in our Pipeline?

While there are thousands of tutorials out there on how to do this or achieve that in Blender there are hardly any talking about how to use Blender in a Production Pipeline. But for Studios wanting to integrate Blender, this is almost the first question that needs an answer.

There is not really an official document that gives an overview about this topic. So it is time to start a repository to cover the frequently asked questions. Ideally this should be a shared knowledge base that grows over time. I strongly encourage everyone to contribute to this document. The goal of this document should be to give TDs an overview on how to get started integrating Blender in a Pipeline. It will contain useful links, explanations and tools that make your life easier!

This document should not be a duplication of the existing documentation but rather a glossary tailored to the question above which will then point to relevant sections of the Blender documentation. It will still provide explanations about topics that are not documented very well or contain best practices that are not known to new users.

Check it out here:


Thanks for doing this!
I hope more people join the effort. It could be invaluable for studios as most documentation are not focused on the pipeline bits (as you’ve stated).


This is awesome!

I’ve been working out a pipeline for 2d animation, taking non-blender line art animation sequences into Blender for grease pencil/compositing.
This is fantastic for working with non-blender Animators and getting the full blender toolset on a project.

I would love to share what I know, but don’t know how to use/add to the github info.
Could instructions for github additions be added here so it’s easier for contributors to help?

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Hey @RockmanQQ,

great that you are motivated to share your knowledge on that topic. Have you ever worked with git before?

What you should do is “fork” the repository, make a new branch, do your addition to the file and then make a pull request.

Checkout this article on how to fork a repository on github:

And this one on how to do a pull request: